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We are very proud of our cattery and put all our time and effort into giving our cats the best possible home. It is an ongoing process and we are continually upgrading and improving the gardensCattery_-_Devon_garden_3

For the cats that need protection from the sun, they have shade cloth covered enclosures. The Devon garden extends from the house and, upon completion, will be about 40 metres in length

Breeding boys need a lot of space and we have built them runs up to 10 metres in length. We do use companion cats to ensure that they don't get lonely.

We have a dedicated nursery for our kittens where each mother cat has her own room and verandah, leading onto a meshed garden for playtimeThe_Burmese_Zen_garden

Our retired cats can relax in bigger gardens. They are spayed and neutered and stay with us for life, not just while they are able to breed.Cattery_-_old_Devon_Girls




Click on the images below for more information and to meet our breeding cats

Our cattery is made up of garden enclosures, spreading out over a large area. Some gardens have direct access to the house while others are slightly further away. No cat is isolated and they all have plenty of stCattery_-_Marilynimulation, love and attention from Marilyn and the staff.

Years of experience have shown us that cats generally do like company, but they prefer small compatible groups to larger ones. They also like fresh air and place to play outside, with lots of stimulation. Fresh grass is very popular and trees extend up through the cattery mesh to provide as much natural shade as possible


We have opted for large garden enclosures with warm rooms insteCattery_-_Devon_gardenad of confining our cats to an indoor life. Each breed has its own area and the girls can go up to the boys and talk to them in their runs. The cat runs are secured by mesh roofs or electric fencing, and our surrounding garden is secure and cat-friendly. Our cats are used to dogs that have been well socialised.





We even have a special guest centre for our new kitten owners to stay if they travel from far away!


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