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The Devon Rex is known as the pixie of the cat world with its rather alien appearance consisting of an odd shaped head, skinny neck, long limbs, oversized ears and large eyes. Personality-wise, this could be a cross between a cat, and a monkey, with the attitude of Dennis the Menace. This is an affectionate, sociable and fun-loving breed. Very active and always up to mischief, Devons are involved in everything and everyone around them. They simply ooze with purr-sonality


Devons love with an intensity that is matched by no other breed. A person must be prepared not only to be owned, but completely possessed by a Devon. They will eat with you, sleep with you, sit on your shoulder, follow you around the house, sit at your feet, and take over your lap the minute you sit down. They remain kittens at heart for most of their lives, lovingly and deeply connected with their families. Devon_page_1

The social nature of the Devon makes them unsuitable as single pets for working people. They do not do well in homes where they are left alone for long periods of time. They NEED company and it would be cruel to leave them alone without it. They tend to get on well with other household pets, especially those that will allow them to cuddle. A pile of Devons is common where you more than one of them together. Children and Devons are naturals as best friends and tireless playmates. Devon_page_2

In South Africa, Devons are small to medium sized cats and should have a short, tight curly coat. This coat can vary with the seasons and as they mature. They are NOT hypoallergenic cats as so many people like to believe and an allergy sufferer should handle the cats before making any decision. They do moult, just like any other cat, although the shorter hair is not as noticeable. Their large range of colours include a variety of solid, shaded, smoke, tabby, bi-color, and pointed patterns. The heat that they give off from their bodies makes them feel like living, breathing hot water bottles, although their body temperature does not differ from that of any other cat


Their skin also gives off an oily substance which will be noticeable in grubby marks on areas where they tend to spend a lot of time. This is not the ideal cat for a home with a white leather lounge suite. Their ears and faces can get quite dirty and they do need the occasional face wipe or ear clean. They can also be bathed every now and then if they get used to it from early on. Their claws can also grow quite long as they get older and a weekly claw trimming routine is not a bad idea. Devon_page_4

A Devon is an INDOOR cat and needs to be kept behind meshed doors and windows unless the owner can offer the ideal environment with a shade-cloth covered enclosure coming off the house. The African sun is too harsh for them and can cause skin cancer. They also get cold easily and need a warm spot to curl up in, but it is advisable only to use a jacket on the coldest days, as it does affect the coat growth. They are a cat that needs height and plenty of climbing / jumping opportunities and tall cat stands built with a little imagination will provide them with hours of exercise and stimulation.


Other health issues can include joint and limb problems (noticeable from birth), occasional heart murmurs and a higher-than-average susceptibility to viruses. Regular vet checks, updated vaccinations and sterilisation by 7 months of age contribute a great deal to keeping these little cats as stress-free and healthy as possible during the first critical year. From a breeder perspective, they are a TLC breed. The queens tend to have smaller litters on average, the kittens are fragile and maintaining the correct room temperature is very important. They leave their mothers at 12 to 16 weeks of age.


Beginning as a natural mutation, created in the 1950ís by Mother Nature in Devonshire and developed by humans to the breed it is today, this little cat is truly one of lifeís most precious miracles

















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