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Why "Soulmates"?

Alex_9In April 2000, a South African teddy bear artist met an English teddy bear collector purely by chance, in a small town in Germany.

Our story officially began with two opposite hemispheres, four years later and with one special cat  ....

Alexandra was a beautiful, independent sepia Bengal Variant belonging to Cheryl. Although she was always affectionate to her family, she seemed fascinated by the computer when Cheryl was talking to Marilyn online. She seemed to sense when the two friends were chatting and just had to be included!

When Marilyn moved to South Africa early in 2005, Alexandra and her became inseparable. From the first day, the two of them had a very close bond, they seemed to talk to each other and definitely understood what the other one was saying. Some months later, Alexandra had her first litter. On a few occasions, Marilyn became the "appointed babysitter" and she got quite a mouthful from the little cat if those babies so much as squeaked!

The cattery was officially registered in 2005 as "Soulmates" and Alexandra's litter were the very first Soulmates kittens listed on the SACC register.

Tragically, Alexandra died the following year. Naturally we were all completely devastated, but her work had been done and she had taught us some lasting life lessons. Ones that we had known deep down inside but never really vocalised - just how deeply the human soul can connect to an animal. We like to believe that Alexandra's spirit is still here and that she is still demanding the same high standards that she set with her own babies.

Since that time, we have seen so many special relationships develop between our kittens and their owners, which only strengthens our belief that we all have our "Soulmates" - special souls, both human and animal that are meant to be together!

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