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Our cats mean the world to us - but so do the folks who choose to join our "Soulmates Family" by adopting one of our kittens.

We get to know all our clients personally and there is a detailed interview process to be followed before a future home is approved.

All our breeding cats are housed here at the cattery and the kittens grow up under Marilyn's watchful eye. We do allow visits by appointment. Children are welcome but we ask that all our visitors respect the fact that this is the cats' home and they should not be stressed in any way.

Our Facebook page is updated on a weekly basis with photo's and Cattery news. We also welcome updates on our cats after they have left us

If you would like any more information on our cats or the breeds please contact us

We welcome you to our site and hope that you enjoy your visit!


Established in 2005, Soulmates Cattery is breeding cattery located in Benoni, South Africa. We specialise in pet and show-quality Ragdolls and Devon Rex.
Owned and run by 2 best friends, Marilyn and Cheryl, our aim is to produce outstanding kittens in temperament, health and quality, and to connect with genuine cat lovers who feel the same way about cats as we do.
To ensure good breed standards and quality, our lines have been carefully selected from reputable overseas and local breeders and our kittens are raised with a great deal of love and attention. Before they leave us at 10 - 16 weeks of age, they are thoroughly checked over by our vets, given a clean bill of health, inoculated, micro-chipped and registered with the Southern African Cat Council or CASA / WCF. We also offer a two year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic conditions.

Breeding is not permitted with our kittens and sterilisation is mandatory. All homes must be approved and kittens only go home after a detailed, legally binding contract is signed by both parties.

We do adhere to South African breeding standards and individual cats have done well in cat shows around SA. We are not personally active in the show rings (as time does not allow for it) but we do encourage and assist any kitten owners who would like to show their cats.

Our cats are fed on premium dry cat food and daily portions of fresh, home-cooked chicken, mince or fish. They have access to large, secure garden enclosures with warm, comfy sleeping quarters and plenty of stimulation.Our litters are raised in a warm and sunny nursery where each queen has her own room and verandah. Images of our cattery can be seen here.

Breeding is not our business - it is our hobby, our passion and our cats mean the world to us!



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